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"Saving Lives One Dog At A Time"

Throughout the course of history, there are very few things that people have entrusted their lives with, and highly trained dogs are one of them. Be it a Military Working Dog looking for explosives on some distant battle field, a Service Dog helping a wounded Veteran or abused child navigate through life,  or a Police Dog securing the streets, these highly trained dogs have been on the front lines defending and serving the people of the United States to secure our freedom and keep us safe.

North American K9 is a Combat Disabled Veteran run organization dedicated to the principle of providing highly skilled and effective Working Dogs and Service Dog equipment to those whose lives depend on them.  Decades of military service and real world experience has allowed North American K9 and to witness firsthand what is necessary to ensure the safety of our communities with the most highly trained Working Dogs, Detection Dogs and the most effective Service Dogs in the nation.  These experiences are the driving force behind the organization and the reason we adhere to the highest standards and ethics in the industry.



PTSD Service Dogs

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Service Dogs

Our goal is to give Heroes a chance at getting back to a normal life as quickly as possible. Service Dogs are a unique lifesaving tool desperately needed by our Veterans, First-Responders, Children and many in our communities. Portions of our proceeds from our equipment and training programs goes to directly support vetted Service Dog training programs.


Daily Wear Ballistic Duty Harness

MARK I Ballistic Duty Harness

The ALPHA K9 Ballistic Duty Harness is the latest in the line of ballistic equipment. The MARK I is one of a kind daily duty ballistic protection for your working dog. Made with Level II or IIIA armor panels and upgradable, this vest is the lightest form of ballistic, stab, slash, and frag protection for your partner

Easily adjustable throughout the size range, once the MARK I Duty Harness is properly fit, the Cobra Buckle allows for fast donning and doffing. The entire MOLLE fields are covered in loop, which is perfect for MOLLE compatible accessories as well as Department ID, moral patches or additional identification markings.

Sponsor a MARK I Ballistic Harness for a K9 partner for as little as $200


Canine Equipment

Bringing the bite to the fight

Our equipment was specifically designed to increase the workability and effectiveness of our nations working dogs. Whether it be for patrol, detection, search and rescue operations or service animals, our equipment was built to handle the riggers of duty. We stand behind all of our equipment with a lifetime guarantee.

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